Me and Joko: Really?

I am doing an experiment this week: no criticizing. Why? Because I noticed that my beloved 7 year old was busting her friends’ balls, gosh, the way I bust on hers and her dads’! Oops. So I figured since it took a mere seven years to develop this bad habit, it might resolve in seven days.¬† That seems to be the way kid-world works, at least in our house. She is so darn wanting to live in peace that it doesn’t usually take much to bring that desire beyond the threshold of an idea and into reality. It’s always right there.

So with that in mind, which includes not criticizing myself (egads!), I will describe a couple of conversations I had with fresh-eyed editors about my Joko proposal, eager for feedback about how I might re-cast it more successfully. One of the editors is a local friend and editor extraordinaire, Nan Satter, and the other a lovely-seeming editor for hire named Brooke Warner who I came across , had a good feeling about, and offered a complimentary initial consultation, which I had today. My good feeling persisted.

[This is where I would ordinarily launch into a whole song and dance about how lame I am for even considering hiring an editor, but this week, this little imagining must stay within the brackets. Gulp. I think I’m addicted!]

So, setting aside the issues of having no money, and not knowing how I would choose between these two great readers if I do come up with the money and the gumption to hire an editor to help me revise the proposal, here’s the crux:

Both say: More you.

Both ask: Why Joko?

Both want: A re-imagined book based on my own story of seeking and how Joko fits into it. Divine Disappointment. Drop the biography idea. Weave the bio stuff into the my story.